Ian Lawson

President & General Manager
Ian Lawson has owned and operated businesses in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, for over thirty-five years. All his business' successes can be traced to his focus on customer service and quality. He brings this same focus to the record pressing business. Ian started Canadian Vinyl Records in July of 2017.

Ian Dillon

Mastering Engineer
Canadian Vinyl Records’ audio professional, Ian Dillon, is a Canadian Mastering Engineer. A twelve year veteran of the recording arts and sciences, on both sides of the microphone, Ian has mastered recordings on most major formats for independent and major record releases. His vinyl master cuts include works by The Misfits, Diana Krall, Muddy Waters, Oscar Peterson, Lightnin’ Hopkins, 54-40, Randy Bachman, Roger Hodgson, Apollo Brown, the Juno Awards, and more…

Lijiang Chen

Plating Manager
Canadian Vinyl Records’ Electroforming and Plating Manager, Lijiang Chen, is a highly trained chemist with years of experience producing metalwork for vinyl production. Lijiang’s attention to detail and extreme accuracy ensures very clean and clear Stampers which produce accurate sound reproduction when they are used to press the vinyl.

Our Story

Canadian Vinyl Records operates a modern record pressing factory providing consistently high quality records through the use of the most modern technology available. In house services include analogue and digital recording studio, mastering & cutting lacquers and dubplates, plating masters, mothers and stampers, pressing records, and graphic art services for printing of album covers and inserts.