Original audio can be supplied either digitally or on analogue tape.

A cutting lathe is used to produce a lacquer/dubplate by cutting a groove in an aluminum disk with a thin coating of nitrocellulose lacquer. The cutting head on the lathe uses a heated sapphire stylus to cut the groove into the lacquer with the shape of the groove being determined by the sound vibrations in the original recording. The depth and width of the groove will vary depending on the frequency and volume of the content. We can produce 7 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch records at 33 or 45 RPM.

Loud music with heavy bass makes deep and wide grooves. The wider the grooves, the more space they take up on the record.

Maximum playing time on a 12" LP is 20 minutes per side but for maximum quality of sound, we recommend 16 to 18 minutes. For 7" records, the best quality is produced with a a maximum of 4 and a half minutes per side.

The quality of the original recording, including mastering and the medium chosen to record it, will directly affect the final sound of your vinyl record.

Because recordings always sound different on vinyl compared to digital recordings, often a reference disk is produced to sample the sound before the records are pressed.

The original audio you supply must meet these requirements

If using digital files, the requirement is 24 bit and up to 192 khz. All digital files must be in WAV format and consolidated into one track for each side. CD masters must be recorded in one uninterrupted session and must be Red Book compatible (playable on all standard CD players). Use the best quality blanks you can get (no CD-RW discs). If your 2 sides are on one CD, please indicate where the side break is and leave a two second gap at the break.

Start IDs are required for each song.

Include accurate timings for each song and total side time including pauses. If this information is not provided or is inaccurate, the cutting engineer will have to spend extra time to determine these values before the lacquer can be cut. Extra time increases costs.

Any Equalization or level adjustments you want should be specified.

Provide a detailed list of songs per side.