There are many options available to package your records.

The first choice to make is the label design. Your record labels can be plain white or printed in any way you desire.

Next, you must decide how to sleeve your records to protect from dirt and scratches, preserving the original clarity of the recording. The following choices are most popular:

  • Plain paper sleeves
  • Poly-Lined sleeves (Recommended)
  • Glossy paper sleeves

Sleeves are available in white or black. Custom printing can be provided at extra cost (we often say "Nothing is impossible, some things just cost more."). Let us know your vision – again, the artist makes all the decisions!

Inserts including download cards and/or printed pages can be provided. Point of sale marketing stickers can also be added to each record either on the jacket itself or on the plastic shrink-wrap.

The next choice is what the cardboard jacket will be like. Canadian Vinyl Records can provide single album, multi-album, and boxed set jackets in white, black, or printed. The weight of material and design of the jacket can vary according to your wishes.

While shrink-wrapping is optional, it is strongly recommended to protect the jacket from scuffs and to protect the record from dust before sale